Friday, November 2, 2012


Room 6's Trip to New World

Everyone in Room 6 walked down to New World Hawera to learn about Healthy Food. We had a great day. On the way back we stopped at King Edward Park and had some morning tea and a play.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Our visit to the Recycling Centre.
We visited Mr Buckland at the Egmont Refuse and Recycling Centre. Here are some of our stories and some photos.

We saw recycled paper and Mr Buckland.

When Room 6 went to the Recycling Centre it was cold and frosty. What I saw was a big machine that chopped up boxes. The machine had a blade that squashes up all of the boxes and aluminium cans had been squashed up too. There would have been more things that would have been chopped up too. I saw lots of things there like trucks and forklifts.
It was a cold day when Room 6 went to the Recycling Centre and I saw lots of Recycling things to be recycled. I liked going to the recycling centre. I saw lots of plastic in a big stack. Jena
 Today we went to the recycling centre and Mr Buckland let us look around. It was cold. I said to Mr Buckland, “how do you make the edges of the glass very smooth?” He said he made a machine with blades to do it. Troy

We went to the recycling centre and it was cool at the recycling centre. The classroom name was Room 6. There were big machines at the recycling centre. The big machine squashes things like big boxes. Maria

It was a cold and frosty morning in the recycling shed. There were heaps of stacks of cardboard. But something funny was was being recycled a fridge. Lani

At the recycling centre it was cold and I saw some bottles down in the garage. I saw a truck and some rubbish. It was fun! I saw some paper and some machines. Naumaan

It was a cold and frosty morning when Room 6 went to the recycling centre. I saw things being recycled again. I was very excited. My favourite thing was everything. I learnt that white bottles get made into white clothes. Alina

I went to the recycling centre. I saw paper coming out. Riley

At the recycling centre we saw a big truck and I saw some cardboard boxes. I saw two machines. I liked the cardboard box machine. Lexie

I went to the recycling centre and we had to stay by our nanny or mum. We saw a truck going to get rubbish. I saw stacks of boxes coming out of a machine. Diamond

I saw a truck and a machine with paper. Iharaira
We went to the recycling centre. I saw a recycling truck. Inez
We went to the recycling centre. I saw paper getting squashed. Isabella
We went to the recycling centre. I saw pieces of plastic. Vahn

TERM 2 2012

TERM 2 2012
Room 6 has had a great term of fun and learning. We have been learning all about Reduce, reuse and recycle. We made paper by recycling it. It was great bacause we had parents that came to school to help us!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 6

Rocky Shore Trip
The whole of Turuturu School went to the Rocky Shore and the pools on the 29th February and 1st March. We learnt all about the creatures that live on the rocky shore with Mr Kevin Archer and then we went for a swim at the pools. We had a great day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TERM 1 2012

Term 1 2012

Room 6 is a great class of keen learners. We have been enjoying our school gardens and swimming already.

Monday, August 8, 2011


We are going to Gymnastics every Wednesday at 11.00. We are learning so much and having a lot of fun!! We will keep putting photographs up of the things that we have been learning.

Term 3


Azim brought along photographs of his family having a celebration.
Kyan brought a special necklace that he was given when he was born. Real gold! Suzie brought along a photograph of her parents 19 years ago. Micheal brought a cup along that he was given when he was a baby. Charlize brought a pushchair, rabbit and blanket that her Mum had when she was a little girl.

Term 3 in Room 6

This term we have some new people in Room 6. Their names are Jack, Flynn, Zachariah and Hanz. We are learning about Our Culture and the culture of other countries. To start off our learning we have all been bringing treasures from home to share. These things say soemthing about us and where we come from. Here sre some photographs of people with their treasures.